Finish Line! Mission Accomplished!

This has been an incredible journey of friendship, family, and dedication. A big thank you to … [Read more...]

Mile 47.5: Snap Fitness Los Altos

Final stop before home. 7 hours and 30 minutes later! … [Read more...]

Mile 45 Splits: Entering Los Altos

Only 5 miles to go! Just over 7 hours since this morning, and averaging a pace of 9:29 min/mile, … [Read more...]

Mile 40 Splits: Stanford’s Main Quad

Only 10 miles to go! 6 hours and 20 minutes into the run. 80% complete! This is where Mike … [Read more...]

Mile 36: Atherton and Bryant

No trip to Atherton can be complete without visiting the Ferrari & Maserati dealerships, especially … [Read more...]

Mile 33: Lunch Break at San Carlos

Well, if you want to call it a lunch break, you can. Only 15 minutes was allotted to eat, change … [Read more...]

Mile 30 Splits: Updates

Okay folks, we are beyond the 26.2 mile marathon territory. Like Irving Berlin used to sing, … [Read more...]

Mile 29: Hillsdale Checkpoint with Buddy Run Pickup

Hillsdale marks Mile 29 and only 4 miles to go before Mile 33 for the first and only lunch … [Read more...]

Millbrae: Somewhere after 22 Miles

Here are some quick updates, and we head into Millbrae. … [Read more...]

20 Mile Split: 3 hours 3 minutes

We are exactly on pace. A 9 minute mile is exactly 3 hours and when you consider the stops for … [Read more...]