Puja for Amma

Final ceremony at the Hindu Mandir Temple to mark the ascension of the soul. Tonight is the 13th day … [Read more...]

50 Mile Run for Cancer Research

[Read more...]

Pit Stop

On our way home from the hospital now. Overnight pit stop to replenish her calcium. On Sunday … [Read more...]

Post-Chemo Lows

If you have been following the blog, you will see that 3-4 days after chemo Amma has a hard time. … [Read more...]

50K… And I’m OK

What a day in the Bay Area today.  Mid-60's and glorious sunshine made for a great running … [Read more...]

1 Hr Mellow Run

Squeezed in another trail run in between working at home and heading to the office. Another great … [Read more...]

Amma is Back (Post-Chemo #62 Update)

Amma and Usha arrived home yesterday from Vancouver after a quick trip up for her chemotherapy. This … [Read more...]

Hills & Trails

Looks like we are back to the spring-like weather for the next few weeks - perfect for the Run for … [Read more...]

Mile Repeats (7)

Last hard speed workout before the big run. 7 x 1 mile repeats within a 14 mile run. In a normal … [Read more...]

Live Run Updates

Check back after the run has started (2/11/12 at 7:00am Pacific Time) … [Read more...]