$50,000 Raised for Cancer Research

Our good friend, Peter Hargreaves has helped to push us over the mark – Raising more than $50,000 for cancer research since we started the RunforAmma ultramarathons back in 2012 (we have raised more than $15,000 in the 2014 fundraising drive as of April 14, 2014). Amma was a big part of the planning of the first run, and got to see the first finish (San Francisco to Silicon Valley) of what would become an annual event. I know that she would be proud of what we have achieved so far.

2014 saw us running a challenging 52 mile course (with more than 10,000′ of climbing) through the Santa Cruz mountains in heavy downpours, mud and wind. 35 runners and 13 volunteers helped to make this run a most memorable event. A huge thanks to all of those who ran, helped and supported the cause. The Dana Farber Cancer Institute continues to thank us for our work. I will be meeting with the fund managers before running the 118th Boston Marathon (April 21, 2014), to let them know that we will be continuing our efforts to raise money for cancer research and raise awareness for patient advocacy.

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